Hello world!

Welcome to Contentment! This blog is devoted to selling your house on your own. From preparing your house to be sold  to advertising, and staging your house to ultimately SELLING your house all on your own, you can find it here on contentment.org!

My journey started when our tiny two bedroom twin home was busting at the seams. There were four of us and two dogs living in less than 1,300 square feet. I found myself on New Years Eve talking to my husband about our resolutions and goals for the new year. I mentioned that in 2014 I wanted to sell our house and find a new home that would offer us plenty of new space. Little did he know, he was in for a quick and prosperous adventure!

The very next day I began the prep work for selling our home; cleaning, organizing, fixing, storing, collecting information, taking photos and listing. In most scenarios, I am a hands on person. I knew others who had sold their house on their own and felt that I could give it a whirl.  I was excited by the money I would save by not listing my house with a realtor, and the thought of being 100% in control was equally scary and exhilarating.  Living in Wisconsin, I didn’t expect too much activity in the dead of winter, but within ten days, we had seven private showings and an accepted offer!

This began a very EVENTFUL five weeks. I was knee deep in the process and enjoyed wading through all of the steps towards selling our house on our own.

Although it may seem scary, if this simple Wisconsin mom can figure out her way, SO CAN YOU! Better yet, you have someone who survived it here to help you through it all!