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What is contentment?

We have heard an endless number of things that we should do to maximize our happiness – but why is it that in the pursuit of happiness, it always seems to be just outside of our grasp?

When we desire happiness, we are usually looking for more of something – more money, more friends, more time, and more success. Our current ideals of happiness depend on constantly having more, which is neither sustainable nor possible. The great news is that for over 5,000 years, our ancestors have been focusing on contentment, a feeling of completeness and enoughness with what is present right now. Contentment is a sustainable form of wellbeing, just like solar power is a sustainable source of energy.

In short, contentment is a kind of happiness that comes from the inside, not the outside. Contentment means feeling complete and whole just as we are, regardless of what’s going on around us. It’s a feeling of unshakable peace that no one can take away from you - and that no one can give to you either.

Why does Contentment matter?

At the deepest core of human wellness is a sense of profound contentment, and uncovering it for yourself is your birthright. Contentment is a central theme in some of the most influential spiritual, philosophical, and scientific works in ancient and modern history. It is what most people really mean when they talk about true 'happiness'.

In fact, when our team searched through the world’s greatest philosophies, we found that contentment was referenced a lot - but happiness rarely came up. Over and over again, our team piled up the evidence that contentment was what most of us are looking for, and that happiness was only a distraction. Even scientific studies - dozens of them - were showing that depending on external sources of happiness leads to less happiness in the long run.

Philosophers, scientists, and many spiritual traditions say that the real treasure lies within, so we realigned our compasses to a new north star - contentment.

Why are we here?

The Contentment Foundation believes in a world where happiness is cultivated from the inside out. Not the other way around. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to simply draw their attention inside and discover for themselves the unconditional acceptance that has been there all along.

We are simply translators that are taking the best of our human philosophical legacy and interpreting it for the modern mind. We’re not reinventing the wellbeing wheel – we’re making the very basics accessible for everyone. We’re especially interested in creating opportunities for vulnerable populations of children and adults who could benefit the most from learning how to cultivate a sense of indestructible wellbeing.

Our Treasure Map

We believe that true happiness starts from within.

The ideas that inspire us have been around for thousands of years and and are at the heart of most philosophical, spiritual, and scientific traditions searching for what it means to be unconditionally well. The Contentment Foundation is playing a role in translating some of the very basics from the heart of these traditions, testing them scientifically, and offering the core practices to children and adults who are interested in them.

We share humanity’s most effective wellness practices through our three branches – childhood education, adult development, and scientific research. We search for the place where science, philosophy, and human wellness meet - and therein lies the treasure that helps the modern mind turn inward. From there, we provide evidence-based practices that allow us to begin discovering that contentment has been there all along.

Simply put, we find some of humanity’s greatest treasures and offer an opportunity for you to begin exploring them.

What do we do?

The Contentment Foundation offers child and adult-centered curricula, and studies the effects of contentment scientifically in partnership with some of the top universities in the world. The Contentment Foundation invites everyone to consider that true happiness already resides inside of you.

The Bigger Picture

There are many organizations focused on alleviating external poverty, a lack of essential resources like food, water, shelter, education, and safety. We are focus on alleviating internal poverty, a poverty of the mind, heart, and spirit. We help children and adults begin to cultivate a sense of internal and indestructible contentment that is not affected by the external world. Our service is to eliminate internal poverty worldwide by offering sustainable solutions toward experiencing unconditional acceptance, always.


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