Our Team

Anne Espiritu

Communication Advisor & Wellbeing Coach

Anne is a wellbeing and empowerment coach and a communication advisor. She helps people to courageously navigate and make sense of their inner terrains so that they can experience what every human being craves for in life -- love, freedom, and internal harmony.

Anne has had a wide range of experiences in her life. She spent 13 years doing corporate work supporting and leading global communications for tech companies, most notably Yahoo, Google, and Oscar Health. As a recovering workaholic, she was no stranger to work-related stress, anxiety and burnout. In 2018, she made a bold and courageous move to leave Corporate America and search for the meaning of life. Along the way, she stumbled upon the Contentment Foundation and for three years, faithfully committed her time, energy and love towards helping the organization grow and scale so that it could reach as many teachers and students worldwide as possible. Today, she feels a deep, sacred calling to take all of what she's learned about what it means to be well and as a coach, guide people through a similar path of bravely stepping into the authentic power.

Ultimately, her goal is to leave the world better than how she found it.

During her time with the Foundation, she served in a wide array of capacities where leadership was needed. She's most proud of the following achievements:

  • Managed the Foundation’s marketing, social media and communications initiatives.
  • Managed and oversaw the earliest frameworks of the Foundation's outreach and international efforts.
  • Served as the Emissary in Bhutan, one of the Foundation's original and flagship schools and in partnership with the Geo lead, established a local subsidiary.
  • Oversaw the Foundation's Covid19 Care Package for Families.