Our Team

Ara Wiropranoto

Global Outreach &
Communications Associate

Ara was born in one of the biggest, busiest cities in the world - Jakarta, Indonesia. She was the first child of two loving parents, who taught her from her very first day on Earth that her goal in life is to be content. Ever since she was a child, Ara’s creative soul was always fascinated by the field of communications, particularly on how cultural differences and backgrounds affect the way we communicate. At the age of 18, Ara moved abroad in pursuit of a deeper understanding for intercultural communications.

In 2018, Ara received her undergraduate degree in International Communications from Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. During her time abroad, she broadened her definition of communications through not only her study, but through her experience as a student in a foreign country — where everything easily gets lost in translation. In this modern age of media and technology, kind and honest communication has become a rarity. People can easily spread negativity while hiding behind their screens and photo filters. After graduating, Ara made it her mission to be part of the movement that brings more positivity and awareness to the online world of social media.

Now, Ara resides in Bali with its growing international community. She curates content and strategies for our social media with this one intention: speak only the truth and spread only positivity.