Our Team

Atima Joshi, M.Ed.

Senior Principal,
Middleton International School

Atima Joshi is an experienced educator who is passionate about play and inquiry as vehicles for meaningful learning. She is the Principal of Middleton International School, which is also the mothership school for the Contentment Foundation in Singapore.

Atima is regularly invited to speak in educational conferences, deliver professional development and is a member of various pedagogical committees and academic boards as an educational consultant. Atima holds a Masters in Education from Australia and is a firm believer in lifelong learning and continual growth. Her passion, creativity and enthusiasm have enabled her to create holistic learning environments that have nurtured and inspired her students, staff, parents and the extended community.

Atima is a strong advocate of the four pillars and Rollout Representative for the Contentment Foundation. Her personal journey on mindfulness has included exploration of practices from around the world, and their mindful synthesis in relevant contexts.

When not teaching or learning, you may find her curiously exploring bugs with children or splashing in puddles with them amidst joyful peals of laughter! A strong believer in the power of curiosity, positive psychology and mindfulness, Atima believes in savouring life as it comes.