Our Team

Christian Kjeldsen

Internal Systems

Christian Kjeldsen supports the Global Business Development team at The Contentment Foundation. In his role, he identifies and explores opportunities that extends the Foundation’s impact and reach. What’s most exciting for him personally, is that he gets to activate his service gene and systems thinking skills, while at the same time, serve humanity.

Christian is known for his open, positive and determined mindset which stems from his innate enthusiasm for life and serving his community. As such, he’s had an enriching set of work experiences across the service sector — technology, sales and marketing, to name a few. The common thread across all of his pursuits is that he strives to have clear purpose, meaningful learning and value creation.

Throughout Christian’s life, sports has been a key driver of his interests — he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Copenhagen Business Academy. Christian enjoys a multitude of sports activities though lately, he prefers to harness his competitive spirit in a different way — to cultivate his own expansion and evolution, in order to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.