Our Team

Damion Collins

Internal Culture Champion

Damion Collins is a life-long learner, explorer of the unknown and protector of the natural world. He has closely studied iconic figures like Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - leaders of civil rights movements that reshaped civilizations in the sweltering heat of oppression. It was their prophetic vision, unwavering determination and ability to communicate their message that would be a reoccurring lesson throughout Damion’s life.

Shortly after graduating high school, Damion moved to Miami Beach, Florida, where he quickly realized his potential as a socialite. Working with celebrities in entertainment, writing hip hop music, and hosting out-of-this-world pool parties. Overwhelmed by endless possibilities, lack of sleep, and the soul draining pursuit of wealth and fame - at 22, Damion began meditating at a Buddhist Monastery on Hibiscus Island where he embarked on a journey to again understand the depths of the human mind. He soon departed from his glamorous life in Miami Beach to travel the country. Reorienting to a new north star of service, love and freedom. Since then, his insatiable curiosity and desire to adventure has lead him to his work in positive psychology, early childhood education, and conservation.