Our Team

Dave Kebo

The Storyteller
Chief Creative Officer

Dave Kebo is the Chief Creative Officer of The Contentment Foundation, where he leverages his broad experience as a visual storyteller to share the transformational work of the Four Pillars of Wellbeing to the world.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. His career spans screenwriting and directing, producing, editing and marketing/communications. His films have premiered at Sundance and Cannes and played on Showtime, the Sci Fi channel, Discovery, Nat Geo, Pop Sci, PBS, The Next Web and Futurism, to name a few. In addition to directing, producing and editing hundreds of short films, documentaries and music videos, Dave has also written and directed two feature films.

Prior to joining The Contentment Foundation, Dave worked for eight years in Global Marketing and Communications at The XPRIZE Foundation, where he currently serves as Head of Video Production.

Dave writes:

To me, “indestructible wellbeing” is a state of perfect balance within, for if you are in perfect balance within, then nothing outside can affect you. I believe all those who seek to realize this state of indestructible wellbeing have the power to inspire others to follow this path, thus exponentially spreading balance to the world. It must then be the goal and responsibility for all those who choose to walk this path to commit to help our fellow travelers realize their greatest selves and transform this world into a more compassionate one for all. I don’t claim to have realized this state — far from it. But I commit to walk the path.