Our Team

Dayna Taramai

Mindfulness Trainer

Iwi – Cook Island Māori: Matavera Village, Samoa: Saluafata and Tuamoa.

Dayna was born and raised in New Zealand. At the end of 2020 she left a secure office job to be lead by her heart and follow her passion for being of service to her community in the wellbeing space. In addtion to her role as a Rollout Rep, she is a Mindfulness Trainer for M3, Group Fitness instructor, Facilitator and a Student studying Te Ara Reo Māori.

Dayna was born and raised in a home full of laughter, love and support. Growing up with 3 brothers meant there was an adventure around every corner and an everlasting feeling of protection. Her family are the pillars in her life that keep her humble and grounded.

Standing proudly in her mana, she is fuelled with passion and courage to be of service to others. She can offer you a promise to build meaningful connections, to always listen with an open heart and her full commitment to this kaupapa.