Our Team

Desmond Koh

Founder, The Compassion Group
Outreach Advisor

Navigating 20 years of investment banking and wealth management, together with his experience as an entrepreneur portfolio manager managing investments for private families, Desmond has gathered wisdom (ie. made many regrettable mistakes) and cultivated strength to evangelise on what he terms 'Compassion Capital' – where every individual has the opportunity to positively impact people and planet, simply by making mindful compassionate decisions with ‘Capital', where capital refers not only to ‘financial' capital (i.e. investments, businesses, and consumption/spending), but also to "physical, mental and emotional" capital (i.e. time and energy, thoughts and emotions).

He strives to plant these seeds of positive intentions into the hearts and minds of investors and private families, with the goal of catalysing collaborations for impact and change in portfolios and businesses.

Desmond is a Managing Director at BNP Paribas Wealth Management and his team serves private families and family offices in Southeast Asia. Aligned with BNP Paribas' leadership in Sustainable Finance (Ranked #1 Best Bank for Sustainable Finance 2018 as by Euromoney), Desmond leads a sustainability taskforce at the bank and is also building a "Conscious Circle" community of private investors and partners.

A 3x Olympian and Mindfulness practitioner, Desmond is actively exploring Consciousness and The Human Potential. He strives for peak performance states and has experienced his best life performances when the internal "mind-body-spirit" trio is delicately balanced and operating in true harmony. He openly shares this ideology with the motivation of benefiting others and to positively impact the world around him.

He conducts meditation sessions, mindful life coaching, and speaks on "Mind and The Human Potential."