Our Team

Dipesh Bhardwaj

The Architect
Chief Technology Officer

Dipesh created his first game in C language when he was 8 years old, and since then he has been leveling up his skills through experimentation, failure, and a lot of luck. Dipesh was a Y Combinator runner up and was awarded a Thiel Fellowship from the Thiel Foundation. Dipesh can speak 3 human languages, 20 programming languages, and has experience with over than 700 programming frameworks. He is the creator of Open SUSE, a linux-based operating system, and he is also a certified hacker and pen tester.

Dipesh believes that there is no greater gift in this world then selflessly serving for the happiness of others. He is an expert autodidact polymath and adventure junkie who is passionate about mindfulness and meditation. As the Chief Technology Officer, Dipesh brings nearly a decade of experience in programming, design, and testing. He is the the proud mother of 3 lovely kittens.