Our Team

Dorji Wangchuk, Ph.D.

Chokshay Academy Bhutan

Dorji Wangchuk has an advanced laurea degree in electronics engineering from the University of Bologna in Italy and is the former Communications Director to His Majesty the King of Bhutan.

Dorji made history in the late 90’s, when he brought television and FM radio services to Bhutan for the first time ever. Subsequently, he made a career shift and moved to documentary filmmaking where he won three major international awards for School Among Glaciers. His other documentary, Blof - Rocking the Himalayan Kingdom was one of the top documentaries on Dutch TV for 2006. He is currently a visiting faculty with the Royal University of Bhutan while also teaching, and pursuing his second advanced studies in communication, at the University of Macau.

Dorji is the emissary of the Contentment Foundation to Bhutan. When he is not doing the well-being or professorial stuff, he does carpentry, writing and travelling - or works as a handyman in his cafe in Thimphu, which he built it himself.