Our Team

Jacki Wong

Project Coordinator
Media Team

Jacki received her bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Relations from the University of Technology of Sydney and the University of Arts London, respectively. Starting her career in the world’s leading luxury online fashion retailer in Buying and Operations. A few years later, Jacki decided to make a radical change in her life - she sold all of her belongings to reconnect with herself through permaculture and travel. Subsequently making her way to Bali where she joined a business consulting firm rooted in supporting entrepreneurs wellbeing.

Jacki is a true citizen of the world, raised in a multi-cultural family and living in 8 different countries by the age of 26. She has learned that home and family are cultivated from within, and expressed outward through selfless service in the world. Jacki is most fulfilled when helping others, which is currently expressed through her role at the Contentment Foundation. Jacki is the Foundation’s Emissary to New Zealand, where she is committed to scaling the Four Pillars of Wellbeing across the country.