Our Team

Krystal Harris

Outreach and Communication

Krystal Harris' life journey of well-being began ten years ago through her work serving communities. She has served multiple non-profits in areas such as suicide prevention education to teenagers, law enforcement, and assisting seniors and those with life-threatening illnesses including AIDS and HIV in obtaining Companion Animal Support. Her passion is in mentoring youth by giving them socio-emotional support through sports, specifically roller derby. She plays on the LA Derby Dolls as a formidable member and coaches the youth division. She believes that helping girls work collaboratively with others and recognizing their own strengths builds confidence and a positive self-image.

Krystal stays active, attends therapy, and meditates regularly. She believes that looking inward is key to strengthening one’s well-being. Through volunteering and her passion for communities, she affirms that we are all stronger together.