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Lauren Glass

Implementation Fidelity Associate

Lauren began her life with a tremendous privilege — being unconditionally loved and being told that unconditional self-love is not only possible but deeply, deeply human. After being fascinated by behavior, relationship, and choice throughout her young life, she went on to formally study and receive her B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, with a minor in Political Science at Loyola Marymount University. Her interests often fell in the intersection between academic fields, which helped her cultivate an insatiable hunger for classical and modern philosophies. Her participation in constructive debate, both at home and in university, expanded the scope of her exploration to global and cosmic scales.

Lauren co-authored one of the first theoretical papers on contentment and contributed to the development of the Four Pillars Curriculum. She recently received her M.A. in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Cultural Studies from Dartmouth College. Her published thesis is entitled “Contentment and Mindfulness: Expanding Freedom for Prisoners.” With cultural complexities in mind, the piece explores how contentment, mindfulness, and emotional wellbeing practices can best be of service to those in situations of incarceration in the United States. Her deepest desire is to extend the gift of unconditional love and contentment she received early in life to herself and all others, particularly those who feel unseen.