Our Team

Michael Le Blanc

Music Teacher

Michael LeBlanc has the privilege of being a music educator at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS in Tampa since 1998, where he serves as an Elementary Music Teacher, Specials Division Leader, Special Events Liason, co-director of The Community School of the Arts and a member of the Corbett Prep Wellness Team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and is a Nationally Board Certified teacher with certifications in World Music Drumming (Level 1 and 2) and American Orff-Schulwerk (Level 1 and 2).

As a Roll-Out Representative, Michael is excited to be part of a team that is supporting schools around the world with the Four Pillars of Wellbeing curriculum. Over the last four years, he has personally felt the gift of a mindfulness practice and reflection afforded through the wellbeing curriculum. He continues to grow using the tools and concepts to further develop a personal practice for himself, his two children, his students, families and fellow educators.