Our Team

Mike Johnson

Associate Head of School

Mike is a lifelong educator and propagator of positivity. He is currently the Associate Head of School at Corbett Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida, the international model school for the Four Pillars of Wellbeing. Mike was involved in the early stages of editing and piloting the Four Pillars curriculum with students and has found the practices and tools have benefited his own life tremendously.

A native to Scotland, Mike moved to Chicago and spent many years teaching science and technology in public school. Currently a doctoral candidate at Mid Sweden University, Mike is seeking to significantly improve education through the lens of quality management. As Co-Director of Camp Wigwam, a summer camp in the state of Maine, Mike has also provided leadership and outdoor learning experiences to children and young adults.

Mike has presented at national conferences on education, most recently on the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality to increase student engagement. Outside of school, Mike is a passionate sailor, kiteboarder, runner, and loves spending time building forts with his family.