Our Team

Navin Amarasuriya

Singapore Geo

Navin Amarasuriya is a passionate advisor to the Contentment Foundation and is tilling the soil in Singapore for the roots of the four pillars of wellbeing to run deep. Through his work helping map the landscape of well-being curriculums around the world in EtonHouse International, he discovered the Contentment Foundation and was given the opportunity to connect the dots of these two wonderful organisations.

An engineer at heart, he discovered contemplative practice through the work of Mattheiu Ricard who published pioneering research on the effects of attention & compassion training on well-being, as well as Chade Meng Tan who founded the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute at Google which kicked of the corporate mindfulness movement worldwide. He continues to deepen his practice with Nikki Mirghafori, and is training in compassion practices with her generous guidance.

He represents the fifth-generation ownership at the B.P. de Silva Group, established in Singapore in 1872. After 7 years of running operations for the luxury brand Risis and working on group strategy for the conglomerate, he finally realised that true luxury is cultivating & acting from a place of profound contentment. He is a slow & happy learner :)