Our Team

Susan Gathu

Strategic Advisor

Susan's journey into finding softness, joy and holistic grounding led her here. She is excited about helping others show up, summon the courage to grow and evolve, see through new lenses, prioritize their well-being, and be rooted in abundance and joy.

Technology & its potential for impact has been the focal points in Susan's career. She is passionate about contributing to causes that drive impact more so through programs that impart knowledge, empower, and elevate the youth, girls, women and the marginalized (particularly persons with visual impairment). Her journey in this realm began during university when she volunteered to help a school set up systems and I trained others. That exposure drew her into impact work where she met early social innovators dedicated to empowering young women & girls. Since then (+10 years), Susan has been mentoring, coaching and managing programs on a pro bono basis, working on causes in the education, technology, sports and health sectors helping hundreds of girls and youth remain in education and ease into sustainable careers.

Her +8 year career journey has been a tapestry of enriching experiences working across customer experience, digital marketing, communication, project & program management working on a myriad of diverse, agile, complex projects, initiatives & innovations with multi-national & multi-sectorial stakeholders across the globe.

Her superpowers? She is exceptionally organized, has sharp strategic thinking, and loves challenges, solving problems, and collaborating with diverse individuals on shared missions and goals to implement innovative solutions. Her curiosity, meticulousness, innovativeness, creativity, thirst for knowledge, myriad of passions and interests, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence are her fuel.