Our Team

Verónica Carmona-González, M.A.

Multilingual Private Tutor

Verónica is an enthusiastic linguist, military spouse, and Crohn’s advocate currently working as a Multilingual Private Tutor. The challenges of simultaneously becoming a military family and an autoimmune warrior led Verónica to discover and experience the bountiful benefits of mindfulness and self-care. She now shares this invaluable information and practice with her students to help them overcome emotional hurdles and consequently improve their academic performance.

A language nerd to the core, Verónica received her BA in Modern Languages (French, Italian) and her MA in Linguistics from the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras as well as a Diplôme Universitaire FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) from Université du Maine. Shortly after, she was certified as a DELF and DELF Prim examinatrice-correctrice by the International Center for Pedagogical Studies. At home, she now studies Korean, Latin, and ASL in her spare time.

In addition to teaching English, French, and Spanish, she is also working on becoming a certified coach with the Digital Networking Professional Program, a veteran-owned organization with whom she currently holds the first and only perfect score on their CDN-P certification.

Verónica is also a volunteer for military organizations, pianist, calligraphist, and avid dog lover.