Daniel Cordaro, Ph.D. | CEO - Chief Enoughness Officer

Daniel Cordaro, Ph.D.

CEO - Chief Enoughness Officer

Daniel is a lover of truth, wisdom, and indestructible wellbeing. He received his Ph.D. degree in Psychology with an emphasis in human emotion, and a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, both at UC Berkeley. Specializing in cross-cultural psychology, Daniel’s teams completed some of the largest international emotion expression studies ever conducted, which decoded a universal emotion language that unites humanity. Along his journeys, Daniel became an avid meditator, introspector, and questioner of assumptions - as his studies in psychology and philosophy began to unlock the mysteries of human flourishing. Daniel became the Director of Wellbeing at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where he inaugurated a new area of psychological research on contentment - which now expresses through the Contentment Foundation as a service to humanity.


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