Jia Wei Zhang, M.A. | Wellbeing Researcher

Jia Wei Zhang, M.A.

Contentment Researcher

Jia Wei received his Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology from UC Berkeley. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Psychology at University of Memphis. He study the psychological impact of prosocial emotions and how they lead to predictable patterns of thought and behavior. Jia Wei also studies self-compassion, a sympathetic reaction extended toward ourselves when we are faced with difficult experiences, as a resource that can help people respond to difficult experiences in ways that can protect and enhance their well-being. Well-being has broad implications for physical and mental health outcomes and serves as a psychosocial resource that helps people maintain and recover from adversity. For these reasons, it is not only important to be well for the short term but more importantly, we must learn to cultivate our way towards sustainable well-being.


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