Melissa Loh | Organizational Development

Melissa Loh

Organizational Development

Mel believes that each one of us can make an enormous positive impact on the world, and it starts within. For this reason, Mel has spent the last 10+ years building organizations that focus on sustainable development and well-being, of both our external and internal environment. Mel has earned her business degree at University of Southern California, one of world's top rated entrepreneurship programs, and has a multitude of hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and social enterprise development. In addition to business consulting and social enterprise development, Mel is also a founding partner at Good Startups and sits on the Coordination Council of the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood. She serves Contentment Foundation with her entrepreneurial mindset, organizational skills and network to support the success of the Foundation's mission to assist others in cultivating a sense of internal and indestructible contentment in their life.


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