Timothy Tillman, M.A. | Somatic Psychologist

Timothy Tillman, M.A.

Somatic Psychologist

Timothy Tillman is a meditation teacher, somatic psychotherapist, and Hakomi trainer with over 20 years of clinical experience. He holds a B.S. in physical therapy and an M.A. in clinical and somatic psychology, and he draws on his professional experience to provide a fresh mindfulness-based and embodied approach to therapy and the art of facilitating experiential groups. He believes that indestructible well being is our birthright, and through mindfulness-based somatic learning children and adults can realize these truths in their minds and bodies to bring unconditional goodness into the world. Timothy plays a critical role in the Contentment Foundation to encourage a more holistic and embodied practice that allows students to escape the trappings of a mind-only focused educational experience.


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